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Healthy and Sustainable Landscapes

Central Park Conservancy has been responsible for the transformation of Central Park from a "state of severe decline. Where once "lawns were dustbowls," and "infrastructure was crumbling" the park has been transformed by the restoration projects lead by the Central Park Conservancy. We were approached by the Conservancy to develop a site to organize and promote the restoration projects being planned, under construction, as well as completed.

Project: Before And After

Project Exploration

Working in collaboration with content strategist Carrie Hane and the team at Central Park Conservancy, we developed a user-focused project framework that will support multiple pathways to explore the restoration project content by location, state of the project, type of project, and more. This highly flexible system helps the Conservancy promote special projects, update visitors to closings and alert interested users of the park to upcoming public hearings for future projects.

Restoration Project Page
Projects Map
Restoration Project Process

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