Guerilla Suit

Great things start somewhere.

Project brief

Guerilla Suit is a boutique branding agency in Austin Texas. They work for clients from all over the world and from any industry you can think of. Founded with an entrepreneurial spirit they have created almost as many companies as they have done work for. In redesigning their site, their goal was to create a user-centric experience that would tell potential clients about their work and culture as well as position themselves as “Your Texas Agency of Record.”

We are Guerilla Suit and we specialize in “It.”

The centerpiece of the redesign was a completely reimagined case study presentation. Previous versions of the site focussed solely on the visual components of the work. There was a real lack of context as well as evidence of the smart thinking behind the work. We made it a top priority to not only create a visual guideline for how to best display their work but also a communication strategy for how to talk about the work. This included a plan for gathering client testimonials and press and presenting those in the context of the great design work Guerilla Suit is producing.

Co-conspirators who aren’t afraid to break things

One way that Guerilla Suit works to keep things fresh for their clients and themselves is to partner with a broad network of photographers, writers, strategists, sign-painters, and more. Carefully choosing specialists and collaborators they can provide their clients with the best team to meet a project’s needs. To represent these partnerships on the website we created a brief interview asking Guerilla Suit’s cohorts about their backgrounds, creative pursuits, and what they love about working in the city of Austin. Visitors to the site can not only find out about the great work Guerilla Suit creates but also about the interesting people behind the scenes.

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